Our Story

About Matsya

At MATSYA, you will revisit timeless dishes with a delicious modern twist. In the world of traditional cooking, dishes have become classics for a good reason because they're familiar and comforting. Therefore, we present to you Indian cooking but with a fresh approach.

Exploring our menu will take you on a culinary journey to understand how we have breathed new life into your traditional favourites. The menu at MATSYA is a palette of traditions and novelties from all over India. With a new vision that dates back centuries, comes Matsya's story, which derives from Hindu mythology whereby Matsya, the fish, represents the beginning of life and a fresh start.

According to the legend, King Manu was washing his hands in a river, when a little fish swam into his hands and begged him to save it. King Manu placed it in a jar, but the fish outgrew it very quickly and eventually had to be moved to the ocean. The fish thanked him and warned him that a great flood will occur in a week and will destroy all life. So, Manu built a boat, the fish towed it to a mountaintop and when the flood came, he survived along with some seeds of life to re-establish life on earth.

This story reflects a new area and fresh approach to the world. The beauty in adapting to the new world is everything that our dishes embody. Join us, in experiencing the evolution of the Indian cuisine.


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